Sunday, January 25, 2009

Making Cards Again

I started making some cards last week when I found out that my aunt's cancer returned. I made one for her and one for a friend from church who moved away. Her husband had a heart attack. I mailed these cards off last Saturday and my cousin called about 2 hours later to tell me that my aunt would not live through the night. She passed away Sunday morning at 2:30am. Please pray for our family as we get through this sad time.

I made a Valentine today for my cousin's little girl and will be sending that to her soon. I DO have a photo of that to share!

A co-worker (and friend) of mine hates to throw things away that can be re-used. She knows how good I am at making things from recycled items so she gave me 14 Chili jars. They are like little mason jars. I decorated them to use as Valentine gifts and even made a video tutorial with my pictures. I will add it when I get some faster connection speed. Here's a photo of the finished product:

I have one more picture to show everyone. It is me and my boys. We got a free photo shoot and 8x10 from the ABC Women's Clinic for giving my testimony.