Tuesday, June 30, 2009

365 cards Day #116 and #122

On 365 Cards on day #116, we were to create a wedding card with no sentiment. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do. While struggling with the four seasons challenge (see yesterday's post), I came up with this card sans the wedding cake. I didnt like it for my seasons card but thought it would be perfect for my wedding card. I added the cake embellishment and it was ready to go:

Today's challenge was a little easier. We were to use wrapping paper on our card. Since I am completely addicted to pretty patterned paper, I have a small stash of wrapping paper that sits in my closet. I rarely wrap gifts but I love to buy pretty patterns. I planned on only using the wrapping paper (pink/orange polka dots) on the orange cardstock and the ribbon. While looking for an image to add to my card,I came across this one that I had already colored to match the blue hawaiian print paper. I added a strip of the Hawaiian print paper to the card, popped my image up on dimensionals, and the rest was history! I love how this one turned out! I am ussually one to match-match my patterns and colors....

Monday, June 29, 2009

365 Cards Day #121 "Four Seasons"

Oh my! This was a hard one for me. I just couln't get myself to think of something "original". When I saw the challenge I knew I wanted to incorporate the "seasons" scripture verse (which I now have memorized from typing it so many times - without saving it!). I stamped on white cardstock with always artichoke ink, on cream cardstock with old olive ink, on white cardstoick with black ink... I just couldn't get it right. I tore up everything and tossed it in the trash. THEN I got the bright idea that I did not have to stamp anything! I have a patterned paper stack called- get this- ALL SEASONS. Duh! LOL SO, after much fighting and arguing, here is my card for a church friend who is going through a rough "season" in her life....

I am thinking of adding a little button in the bottom left corner...

Money Saving Monday

WoW! On 365 cards, today's challenge is a doozy! I was trying to think of some thing "different". We are to incorporate all four seasons into one card...

Anyway, today's project is going to be a cheat for me. I made a video last night and I am going to make that the project. If you don't have a bind it all, just use a crop a dile and cut two holes at the top and thread some ribbon through.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

365 Cards Days #118 and #120

The challenges on 365 cards have been getting more and more challenging. I love it! The only problem is that sometimes it takes me more than one day to get an "idea" so I tend to run behind.

Day #118 challenge was to create a card using a frame. I looked through my stash and couldn't find a frame. Then, I remembered that I had some kits in my drawer and in the drawer were my frames! I used this teeny frame to showcase the wonderful letter "A" (my initial ;) )to create a monogram card. I am thinking of using the rest of the frames to create a little set. These are something that i would have NEVER used! I am so glad I did! Oh, after I finished, I thought that the background piece would have been better if I had used my CuttleBug to emboss it.. oh well...

Day #120- today- the challenge was to use this awesome sketch as inspiration. I had my tart n tangy SU set out that I LOVE but NEVER use! I used the orange to create the little embellishment and then decided to try Versamark on my base. Well, the paper I used does not like to let Versamark soak in to create watermarks. SO luckily I had some clear embossing powder that I used to emboss the watermarks. I am actually pretty proud of myself for thinking of a little "extra". One day I will be like some of the other 365ers and create pure works of art. Until then.... I will continue to practice!

I have also uploaded a video on Youtube and plan to upload more. They are VERY simple videos but I enjoy making them! My username is "scrugglenamp"

Apple Book Video Part 1

Saturday, June 27, 2009

365 Cards Day #119

Today's challenge on 365 cards was to create a card using a silhouette. I had this little turtle stamp from Target $1 spot that is solid colored. I used my black ink on white cardstock to create a silhouette.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

365 Cards Day #115

One of my most favorite techniques to admire is paper piecing. Today's challenge on 365 cards was paper piecing. This is something that I really don't do often enough! I had fun creating this little basket full of flowers. I stamped my Stampin' Up! basket onto my patterned paper from my scrap stash. I used my tiny scissors to cut it out. I then used some little punched flowers that I recieved in a RAK and glued the orange ones directly onto the paper. Then I used my Crop A Dile and punched the leftovers from some dimensionals to create teeny tiny dimensionals. I attached those to the blue flowers and slipped them into the spaces between the orange flowers to create some added dimension. I used my border punch and a piece of ribbon to complete the card.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Money Saving Monday and 365 Cards Day #114

First I would like to thank Pam at 365 cards and Cosmo Cricket! I was chosen as the random winner of last week's contest!! I am really excited to play with a new PATTERNED PAPER stack!!! I love patterned paper!! YAY!

Today I combined my money saving tip with my card for 365 cards. Today's tip is to
I made mine with my Cuttle bug. First I used my ribbon Cuttlebug die and cut 6 pink ribbons. Then I used my Swiss Dots folder and embossed one pink ribbon. I ran all but one through my "little X" sticker maker. I then placed one on top of the one that wasn't sticky. I repeated this with each piece, ending with the one that was embossed.
The challenge on 365 cards was to use lavendar as the main color. Here is my creation:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

365 Cards Day #113

Super Sketchy Sunday! I love this sketch! It was a lot of fun to make this card. It's a simple card but I like it... And I finally used my Bugs and Kisses set again! I love this set but rarely bring it out!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

365 Cards Day #112

Today's Challenge on 365 cards was to create a wedding card with the word "love" in the sentiment. I used some $1 stuff I had in my stash to complete this criss cross card.

Friday, June 19, 2009

365 Cards Days #110 and #111

I totally forgot to post my card yesterday! Today through Tuesday I am hosting an online crop at mommysavers.com but I really want to win that prize this week so I will be posting here again tomorrow!!!

Day #110- Use Argyle Pattern and make it "male"

Day #111- Use bold and bright stripes (WHOO HOO!)- My scanner really messed up my pink though! LOL The base is actually a very hot pink!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

365 Cards Day #109!!

Whoo Hoo! I have been keeping up with 365 for 2 days in a row! That's an accomplishment for me right now! Today's challenge had me in "color shock" (I think its the "culture shock" of the paper crafting world! LOL)! We were to use these colors:

So not my colors! Very muted and serene. Very pretty but not me. Well, once again, Pam pushed me into trying something new and I totally love how it turned out!!
I saw this tearing "technique" somewhere and I thought it was neat so I got to put it to use here! Very simple but i think simple is my "style" LOL!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

365 Cards Day #108

Today's challenge was a slightly easier one. I had to create a little boy's birthday card. Last night I was looking at my Cuttlebug Embossed paper collection and thinking how much I REALLY want/could use the number folder. Today was the perfect opportunity to use the two sheets I had left from a RAK! I also used this digi image from Dustin Pike and some freebie clear stickers for the sentiment. This was also the last piece of this ribbon. Using that stash! LOL Enough of my WAFFLING (thanks for the new word again Bohemian Gypsy/ Michelle!) Here is my card:

Money Saving Monday!

Or should I say Too Late Tuesday? LOL. I completely forgot that yesterday was Monday! If you know how to set blogger so that I can set it to post at a later date, please let me know! Thanks...
On to Money Saving Monday-

You can buy one for $1 and sometimes more or you can create one from old cereal boxes like my friend Wendy did HERE. I bought this one at Michael's and, with the help of my talented sticker-loving 3 year old, created a color book!

I traced off the pattern onto one each red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, and white cardstock. Then I cut it out and glued it onto the chipboard pages. I used my adhesive runner but spray glue is a better choice.

Then I let my 3 year old go through his box of stickers and he identified the colors and then stuck them to the corresponding page of the book.

At the end, we used some of my scrapbook stickers that I recieved as a RAK. They were rainbow themed and they were perfect for the back cover! I wrote "put them all together and what do you get?" and we stuck all the little rainbows on!

Don't forget! The Mommysavers crop will be hosted by ME! Starting this Friday! The Frugal Scrappers (Alicia sent you!!) will be having a "Frugal Scrappery" (similar to a crop with AWESOME prizes!!) on June 25!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

365 Cards Day #107 and Frugal Scrappers MMI #3

Today at 365, we were to incorporate the word "girl" into our cards. I immediately thought of an old Stampin' Up! card I saw once that said "You Grow Girl!" and my preggo bella image I recieved from a friend. I combined the two with my favorite bright colors to create this:

At Frugal Scrappers (Don't forget to tell them I sent you if you join!- and they are having a frugal scrappery on JUNE 25TH – 30TH!! Dont miss it!!) the challenge was "Make It Monday" where we were given a template for this "Cute Bug Box". I decided to create a mini first aid kit with this template and my newest Dustin Pike image! I know I will get a lot of use out of this cute little guy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

365 Cards Day #104

Whew! I have a couple of images that I colored and set aside with some patterned paper scraps. I planned to use these before anything else and they ended up sitting in my scrap area unused. Well, today's challenge at 365 cards was to use grass as our inspiration. As soon as I saw my Fourth of July paper and Grilling Fella sitting out, I knew what I would do!

On Mommysavers.com, our Use It challenge this week was a recipe challenge. We were to use: patterned paper, ribbon, 3 layers, and an embellishment we have never used r haven't used in a while. I used all of the above and the embellishment that I used was a sticker photo corner. I'm not sure I have actually ever used photo corners before. Oh! This card is for my rockin motorcycle momma friend who just got her first job as a second grade teacher!! YAY!

365 Cards Day #103 and Pink Stamper Color Challenge

I had all this ready yesterday and got distracted and never posted! Aggh! Anyway, here is yesterday's challenge for 365 cards. It was a recipe challenge:
4.25 x 5.5 card
Solid Background
2 patterned papers
Stamped Sentiment
3 Jewels

Also, the Pink Stamper posted a color challenge on her blog. The colors we were to use were:
dark brown
olive green
accent color: purple

Yes, I am still learning how to take pictures with this camera! LOL

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

365 Cards Day #102- Challenge Combo

FIRST I want to post this invitation for everyone:
What is coming? Well....I can't quite tell you yet...BUT...it is gonna be big! It is gonna be fun!


Time: June 25, 2009 at 6pm to June 30, 2009 at 12pm
Location: Frugal Scrappers

More information will be coming SOON so go sign up today!

Today's challenge on 365 cards was to take one challenge from March, one from April,and one from May to create one new card. The challenges I combined are:
March- # 19 "keep it to yourself"- this challenge was to create a birthday card with no sentiment
April- #44 "money holder"
May- # 83 "make it match"- create a matching envelope

This card also fits the "Waste-Not Wednesday" challenge at Frugal Scrappers. Please consider joining frugal scrappers! There is a new challenge everyday and the ladies there are the best!

Here is my card: