Sunday, July 27, 2008

umm... better late than never?

I never posted my work from the mini crop! Sorry :( I havent really been too busy but there has been a lot going on. I am supposed to be moving to a really nice home on August 1st. Also, I start work on July 29th, my birthday! I am not too happy about leaving my baby but I think the paycheck will be nice to have! :)

The mini crop was really great! I finished every challenge and had time to spare so I finished some swaps and even joined and finished another swap! I was on fire! Hopefully I can get that energy together when I have to work on all those alphabet pages I have signed up for! So here are the things I did:

This challenge was called "Connect 4". There was a grid full of specifications and we had to use four of them in a row. Mine were patterned paper, a fastener or staple, a stamped image, a textured embellishment

This challenge was to create a Christmas card. I really like how it turned out :)

This challenge was to use a tool that you havent used in forever. Mine was the shaped scissors. Scrapbookers everywhere: Lets stop buying those darned things! NO one ever uses them!!

This was a sketch challenge. I will add the sketch in a bit...

This challenge was a hard one. We had to use 15 shapes and of those 15, 5 had to be different shapes. I was totally stumped on this one. I looked up and saw this image on my desk that I forgot to put away and realized that it was full of shapes!

This challenge was another sketch challenge. I used it to make some 6x6 pages I signed up to make in a swap...

After I finished all the challenges, I made this Chicken soup holder for a swap:

Thanks for looking!! I have some more stuff that I made yesterday. I will prob add it tomorrow or so :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Whoo Woo!!

Today should be a lot of fun!! It is the crop!! YAY! We are doing a mini crop this month because it is summer and people are busy (not me- not til Tues when I go back to work :() SO we all make a challenge and then we choose the winner and send out the RAK for that challenge. I'm hoping to rack up on RAK! It's always a lot of fun to work on the challenges and then go back and see what everyone else did! SO, I will be posting lots of scans either tonight or tomorrow to show off my work! Wish me luck!

Also, I just made my very first ATC yesterday! It was a sketch challenge and I really enjoyed it! A lady from send it to me as a hostess gift for a swap I am hosting. THE WHOLE stamp!! Wasn't that too sweet?? Anyway, here's the card:

Monday, July 21, 2008

More cards!

Okay, I have MORE cards to share today! The scans are really crooked but I have to work with what I have, right? The first card is one that I did after watching the Pink Stampers video Saturday. She made THE CUTEST baby card using a stamp that she bought for $1!! I decided that I wanted to try it out. Also, I finally bought a decent corner rounder so I wanted to play and make scallops with it! :) It's an "ALL BOY" card!

The second one I made last night as a challenge for We had to use our least favorite color. I wanted a chewed up purple color but didnt have any ugly cardstock so I decided on pink and purple. I dont like it. But the dragonfly is covered in Sugar Coated Glitter! I love that stuff!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

More cards!!

Whoo hoo! I made 2 cards yesterday just for the heck of it! NOT for swaps! LOL It is nice to be able to do some because I feel like it! I made one for an online friend who is supposed to be induced on Monday! The other was part of a sketch challenge on!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Goodies in the Mail!!

I got some AWESOME goodies in the mail today! I joined a GinaK secret swapper swap recently. I recieved my card today! Also a box FULL of goodies!! I have an awesome secret swapping sister!! The card is amazing:

I love all of the elements. She made the dress in several pieces and then glued the together. Also, the stitching is evedent throughout the card. The stitched pink ribbon, fabric covered buttons, the faux stitching on the bottom piece! I love it!!

Here are the other goodies she sent me:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Halloween Is Coming Soon!

Okay, not REALLY soon but it seems that way when you join a bunch of Halloween swaps!! I am in two Halloween card swaps and a Halloween card candy swap, and a Halloween scrapbook page swap.... Well, here are some of the cards I made for the card swaps. I finished one more but never scanned it...

This is a set of 2- 3x3 cards. The Skull one seems to be a favorite among my scrapping friends. I like it because I added the distressing because I was too lazy to trim the little thingys that my dull trimmer blade left behind. I used my fingernail to scratch the edges and make them kind of curl. Then I added black ink to distress it. The pumpkin was pretty simple...

This is a full sized card that I made for a different card swap :) I got the general layout from a card I saw on