Monday, August 1, 2011

Our room is ready!

Well, our room is mostly ready. There are no pictures of the inside of the teacher closet! I have "everything else" in there. I feel like our room is still a little sterile but I guess it will brighten up when there is beautiful child-made artwork hanging on the walls. This is my first time working in a brand new building! I am really excited to get started this year. Our old center was actually a re=purposed FUNERAL HOME!! Complete with VIEWING LIGHTS in MY ROOM!!! So, as you can guess, I am in Heaven in this room!

This is my "housekeeping" area. It is in the little alcove that my room somehow ended up with. I actually love it now!

My Block Area

Sand and Water Taable in front of my huge window! I love all the natural light we get!!

Science Area

Writing Center. In the corner is my big hat from a teacher who passed away a few years ago. I need to figure out how to clean and hang it up.

Our little Library

Paint/ Art Area

Our sink!! I love having this in the room!!

One of my two bathrooms!

Our music cart

Sign In area

My wreath. I need to hang it!!

Sign in area. See my pen bucket?? Love it!!
I hope you enjoyed this little virtual tour of my room! I am hoping to have some free printables for you this week! Tomorrow is our first day of school so I don't know if I will be able to post tomorrow. I may be WORN OUT! ;)

Have Fun!


SAS said...

Thanks for joining my linky party! What an awesome room! Our district is getting a brand new VERY nice preschool area. It opens next August. In the past, all preschool classroom have been housed in each school, but they will be moving to a central station.

I made that wreath too! I love it!

Kindergarten Korner

mommyfink said...

Alicia your room is adorable!!!!!