Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It has been forever since I posted on this blog! I had huge plans to post everything from last school year as it happened and slacked off quite a bit. This year I am beginning with new resolve! I am hoping to have everything planned better so that I can easily share all of the fun stuff we do on this blog!

Well, since it is summer, I've started looking around for some materials to use next school year. After contacting about 20 companies, I realized that they are not going to help me so instead I turned to thrift shopping! I wanted to hit yard sales but we found out my dad has cancer and now he's in the hospital so I've been busy helping my mom with all that.

Today I went with my mom to a thrift store on the other side of town. I hadn't been there in a while and didn't realize that she has much more merchandise than last time I was there! It was mind-boggling! Anyway, I bought $15 worth of stuff there, some to go together and some to go with books I already owned. Here are some pictures of what I matched up:

This is everything I bought today for $15- My favorite is that viewmaster projector in the back! I can't wait to use it in the classroom!

Little Feet Like... (Giggle and Grow) (Giggle & Grow)
 and Looney Tunes 12" Tweety plush Doll
 I thought tweety looked like the little bird on the cover!

vhs "The Fabulous Safety Game and Rhyme in Time" and The Care Bears Book of ABC's
 and a mini plush and Funshine Bear Board Book

Barney's Five Senses and I Love You Barney Plush

 and The Very Lonely Firefly[ THE VERY LONELY FIREFLY ] by Carle, Eric (Author) Jun-01-95[ Hardcover ]

Bear Plush
 and Don't Worry Bear
What do you think? I am trying to match all of my theme books with a corresponding plush. I think these turned out pretty good. What do you do to connect literacy with your young students?

All links in this post are affiliate links to help me afford to buy all these cool toys and activities for my students!

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