Monday, July 15, 2013

Youtube in the classroom!

Since Summer is in full swing and quickly winding down, I am finally getting some energy to start really preparing for next school year. As a Head Start teacher, I always say I'm going to be more prepared "next year" but next year always brings surprises and I always seem to find newer and cooler things to add to my classroom throughout the school year.

Last year was the first year I really used Youtube videos to my advantage and the children learned SO MUCH from them that I could not teach them from a book or photos. I try not to use videos as babysitters or to teach things that I can teach hands-on but the children get very engaged when I pull up a video of something new and interesting. Here is a list of my top ten Youtube videos for my classroom (please share your favorites in the comments so I can check them out and pin them!):

Songs for Circle Time:

 Hip Hop Humpty- The children love this song and especially love trying to imitate the hand movements

Goodbye song- we would sing this everyday before going home. They loved it with or without the video


Pout Pout Fish Puppet Show- we didn't have a copy of the book and I just happened to show this video when we were discussing ocean animals and it became one of the most requested videos in our class!

Firetruck- Not sure if I should list this as a song or book but it is SO CUTE! I was singing it throughout the day along with the children! It has a catchy tune and is also informative.


Caterpillar to Butterfly- Hosted by two little boys and shows the complete metamorphosis process

BBC Hermit Crab- Another gem we found while learning about the ocean. The children loved watching the little crabs running around in the ocean.

These videos are neat because even our young three year olds learned how to spell the words after learning the songs on these videos

How a pumpkin grows


These just dance clips are great for indoor recess and using during center time for movement. Our class especially liked the Mario one!

Nocturnal Animal Noises- our children loved identifying animals by sound!

Oh, and I have a preschool Youtube video pinterest board too! Click over and check out all 168 of them!

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