Sunday, May 3, 2009

NSD Update

I am finally going to update everyone on what I did for National Scrapbook Day! I stayed on The Pink Stamper ALL DAY!The videos were awesome and the giveaways were even better! There's still time if you'd like to join in! I am going to try to finish the last three challenges tonight but I am getting farther behind on 365 cards and there's a crop on Mommysavers tomorrow! Here are the challenges I completed:

Challenge #1: Combine the color brown with a pastel color. I used this patterned paper that was left over from my post-it center that I made. I just love this paper combined with a Bella image so I went through my swap images and found this one. I know plenty of kitty lovers so this won't be around too long! For some reason, I love to add red hair to almost all of my images. If not red hair, I make them African-American. I think it's because when I was a child, there were never any brown haired Barbies and I hated it (because I have brown hair) so I try to be sure to include all people :)

Challenge #2: Try something new. Aggh! This one had to be a chipboard album. I had two blank ones in my stash but have never actually decorated one. I didn't think I would like it. I REALLY thought that I would make it ugly. I like the outcome but it was a lot of work for me and definitely not something I'd sell at a craft fair.

Challenge #3: A Kid's Page. This is the pictures I have of my youngest DS playing with his FAV Christmas present. He is really into trains. When I saw this Nana's Kids stack, I knew I had to have it for the choo-choo paper!

Challenge #4: Mother's Day. I made this card combining the 365 challenge from Friday which was to create a card using numbers as the most significant part. The front says "34- number of years you have been a mother" and the inside says "countless= the number of times I can thank you!"

Challenge #5: Scrapbook Sketch. My middle DS loves Wall-E. He is absessive about the movie, the character, and the principals of recycling! He got SO excited when I added a recycling bin to my craft space! So, some Jacob and Wall-E themed pictures will be going on this "naked" LO

Challenge #6: Use patterned paper with your die-cut machine. I used my CuttleBug. I don't have very many dies for it so I was limited. I decided to use my little airplane and this whimsical colored patterned paper.

Challenge #7: Faux Chipboard. Robyn (The Pink Stamper) swore that everyone prob knew all about this but I had never heard of this concept before! I used my CuttleKids for this one. I used the fishy shaped die and some cheap cardstock I got from Big Lots for $1. I cut it out about 5 times and used my little "X" to make it sticky. I stacked all of the pieces and it turned out SO cute!! I used some more of that paper from challenges #2 and #6 (see Mish's tip for today HERE for more info on WHY)

Also, guess who #3 is HERE

(yes, me!! YAY!)


mommyfink said...

Great job Alicia! I have 3 challenges left to do from the pink stampers blog and I hope I can get them done tonight and post before 10AM tomorrow morning. :)

mommyfink said...

That is you winning over at MS! AWESOME job! I totally sucked at that challenge!

Wendy said...

Your page on MS was awesome, you blew us all away! LOL

You did great work this weekend. May I ask where you got the Nana's Kids stack? I think I have to have the train paper. :)

Alicia said...

Wendy, the Nana's Kids stack is from Hobby Lobby but they also have it on I want the Green Stack but Hobby Lobby doesn't have it so I need to order it from Joanns when they have another sale and/or free shipping. LOL