Monday, June 30, 2008

Recycling Again!

I have been addicted to card swapping for quite a while now but not quite to the extent that I am presently! LOL I am currently participating in over 20 swaps!! I am leading 2 card swaps and 3 image swaps! I cannot stop the madness!! The worst part is that I was going to stop swapping for a while, catch up, and then join as I make them. When one's finished, join a new one.... not quite what happened. Especially when I saw a swap with "recycle" in the title!
The aim of this swap was to use scraps. Each card could be different and there weren't many rules. I loved it! LOL. So I was going through my scraps and came across this patterned paper I got a while ago from a paper swap on I really love this paper for some reason. It seems to speak to me, so to speak. It looks like the kind of paper that goes with nothing yet I created one of my favorite scrapbook pages with it. Now I created one of my favorite cards with it!
I used my square punch and punched the interesting parts of the pattern out with it. Then I matted it with a pretty blue (all the blue's are a little different- scraps). Then I matted it once more with some pretty blue patterned paper. The first 4 are blue stripes and the rest are a little different. (The one pictured is a blue argyle). Then I cut a strip of light blue paper to 1 1/2x 4 1/4 and attached it. Added a folded piece of off-white ribbon scrap and attached it all to my cream colored cardstock (4x 5 1/4) over off-black cardstock (4 1/4x 5 1/2) Viola!! I finished it and I think it looks awesome!

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