Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day #8- 365 cards

Today's challenge was a sketch. I interpreted it a little different than the sketch which is really unusual for me. Ussually I follow the sketch EXACTLY so I see this as growth on my part that I can go "against the grain" a little! I was dumbfounded looking for the perfect image to go in the circle and I finally found this little wooden ladybug that I bought at a yard sale for next to nothing. This is another abstract one for me (something else thats new for me)I actually have a story about this lady bug. At work the other day, a ladybug landed on my coworker. I told her that I always thought that it was good luck for a ladybug to land on you. Another co-worker was there and she is freaked out by ALL bugs, even ladybugs! I got to thinking and I feel like ladybugs are a little "wink" from God that He is there and we can depend on Him. So, here is another religious card:


Vicky said...

This is beautiful!! I love that little ladybug - so cute! Thanks for joining us today :)

~amy~ said...

Sweet card and story! Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

Oh the ladybug is too sweet!