Friday, July 3, 2009

My Scrap Space

I was asked by "Sammie" from message board to post my scrap space. I love looking at other crafter's spaces too so I thought it would be fun to just go ahead and post it here on my blog!I still have a lot I want to get rid of and re-organize. I didn't post a picture of my counter because it has a pile of "stuff" on it right now! LOL

This is my right base cabinet. I have my ribbon in the cookie bucket and in some spaghetti/mason jars. I also have my "skittles" and mini punches on this side. I have the little bit of chipboard that I kept, mostly letters, in the paint bucket.On the bottom there is a plastic "shoebox" full of cards...

In my left base cabinet, I have my Christmas embellishments together in a box so I can work on Christmas cards, I have my Cuttle Kids and envelopes on the top shelf and my misc stamps on the bottom behind the Christmas embellies. Next to that is my box of "alterables"

In my wall cabinets, I have my brads, eyelets, and misc small items in those Craftmates containers. I have my images in the clear "crates" organizd in mini photo albums. My Stampin Up sets are stacked in here too. I also have some bins that I do not like holding my adhesives of all kinds. I am thinking of getting some more mini crates for that.

This is my cabinet that I bought at Home Depot. I LOVE this cabinet!!

This is the top of my cabinet. I have my cards in the recycled Gain boxes (40 load size)I put a small bag as a liner before putting my cards in. I also have a box of pens and pencils up there. And a scrapbook that I am working on for a friend.

This shelf is the home of my

CuttleBug and accesories (inside the Gain box- 80 load size) and the new home to my Bind It All. I am waiting to finish this box of detergent we are using now so I can keep my BIA accesories in it! LOL

Scrap paper! Solid paper on the right, patterned paper on the left...

This is where I keep my two snapware containers. I have hot glue and glue gun in one, heat gun, versamark, and embossing powder in another. My buttons are in one. Also on this shelf is my "stamnps to use now" crate, my unmounted stamps, and my embossing powders in Hefty containers.

This is the bottom shelf. I have my recycled cardboard pieces and my cardstock down here. I also have my growing collection of patterned paper "stacks" nestled in my recycled Priority mail box!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my messy space! I am hoping to get it better organized and I will re-post some updates photos when do! Please link here to show me your space!!

Have a Scrappy Day!!


Sammie said...

WOW! Lady so much stuff. I like that you have all your Christmas things together. I am going to try that and see if I accomplish more cards this year.
-I finally understand the gain box card holders for the longest time I was thinking of a TALL box.
-I am excited to see your work space TOP-that is the most challenging thing to me (because it's so small but so much stuff is needed on it).

-Thank you again.

Lizzie said...

Looks Great! I am way jealous!