Tuesday, April 28, 2009

365 Cards- All Caught Up! Days #57, 58, and 59

I am finally caught up for this week! I thought I was going to end up getting too far behind. Here are the cards (commentary will follow each card):

Today's Challenge (Day #59):

We had to make a "Miss You" card. I dont have a stamp with that sentiment and no printer ink so I decided to combine this with Mommysavers Use It Up #2 challenge (again) and I used 1 piece of lace, 2 pieces of ribbon, 3 handwritten words, and 4 "skittles"

Day #58:

This challenge was to create a card with a fish on it. This was hard for me because I insisted I was going to use a fishy stamp that I have never used. Well, when looking for something for my "Miss You" card, I came across this Seahorse and "Thank You" sentiment. I then found a piece of Cuttlebugged paper with this wave design and completed the card.

Day #57:


This is "Super Sketchy Sunday"s entry. I tried to make it look kinda like a bandana. I also used some more "skittles" on this one...


Karen Lee said...

Great job on each days challenge! I bet it feels good to be all caught up!

hugs, Karen Lee

~amy~ said...

Great job catching up Alicia...love all your cards...that lace trim is gorgeous!

Rose said...

I was wondering where you were :-) glad your caught up. All there are just perfect!! The missing you one is so Pretty :-)

Vicky said...

great job on these alicia!! your sketchy card definitely looks like a bandana - nice job!

Rosemary said...

You made some lovely cards - I got the bandanna motif right off the bat and I love the butterfly on your miss you card - the skittles are a nice touch. Pretty cards and you were thrifty too!

Gloria Stengel said...

Great job and congrats at catching up!